Danish Research Center for Gender Equality at Roskilde University

The Danish Research Centre on Gender Equality conducts research, development tasks, and distributes information about equality between women and men. The Centre conducts teaching and education assignments in relation to the students of Roskilde University and to others who requisite assignments from the centre. It is carrying out tasks of documentation, researching and dissemination on an independent basis, publicly authorized. The Centre is a central adviser to the Danish central administration as to the local governments (counties and municipalities).
It is the mission of the centre to renew the discussion about equality, including men's perspective, and to examine perspectives enhanced by globalisation and the technological development. The Research Centre also takes a strong interest in, and a focus on pornography exposed in the public space, equality problems related to new ethnic groups and to prostitution and trade in women for prostitution.
The assignments of the centre are financed through subsidiaries to projects from different partners: e.g. EU programs, trade unions, Danish ministries, municipalities, and private companies. The centre was formed in 2000 and moved to be connected to the university in Roskilde in 2002. The staff of the Centre is 20 persons.

E-mail info@celi.dk
Indirizzo Postboks 260 4000 Roskilde